CubaOne Foundation offers a new generation of Cuban Americans the opportunity to give back to Cuba, build relationships with the Cuban people, and explore their heritage through high-impact trips to the island.


Through direct engagement and open dialogue, we can build bridges of cooperation, understanding, and unity among all people of Cuban heritage, regardless of where they may live. Our trips are designed to facilitate interactions among a new generation of Cubans—both on the island and in the United States—where people can naturally pursue their passions, dreams, and work together toward a brighter tomorrow. We want Cuban Americans to visit Cuba, experience it, talk about it, and think about what an emerging Cuba means for them and their communities in the U.S.

Explore Cuban Identity and Personal Heritage

We believe that taking young Cuban Americans to Cuba to engage with the Cuban people will allow for a deeper understanding of identity and family heritage. We hope that our participants in these trips will form a committed alumni network that translates their experience into ongoing conversation within their communities and spark a discourse that will foster informed advocates for the Cuban people in the years to come.

A Network that Spans Beyond 90 Miles

CubaOne Foundation envisions a future where our programs serve as catalysts of innovation, unity, and opportunity. Through our trips to Cuba, we will connect Cuban Americans with their peers on the island. Our intention is to build a network that stretches across 90 miles and leads to lifelong bonds, friendships, and cooperation in areas of mutual interest.


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